Musician ThxSoMch Ascends with “Spiral” and Unveils the Sleez World Tour

August 31, 2023

ThxSoMuch, Photo credit: Lucas O.M.

Toronto-based artist ThxSoMch is creating ripples in the music industry with his latest release, the enthralling single "Spiral." As anticipation builds for his eagerly awaited live debut on the upcoming Sleez World Tour, ThxSoMch's unique sound has already captured the attention of the music industry, leaving a lasting impact.

Acknowledgement from Influential Voices

Complex remarks, "ThxSoMch's genre may be hard to pin down, but whatever you want to call it, it's clearly working." Early Rising joins the chorus, dubbing ThxSoMch the "hottest independent up-and-comer in music right now." The buzz continues as Sheesh predicts ThxSoMch's imminent recognition as a household name, and Lyrical Lemonade confidently positions him as a frontrunner in the dynamic music landscape of 2023.

Introducing "Spiral": A Sonic Journey

In "Spiral," ThxSoMch skillfully fuses gritty guitars with cathartic vocal bursts, creating a memorable sonic experience. The track effortlessly transitions from verses brimming with emotion to an irresistibly catchy chorus that leaves an indelible mark on listeners. The accompanying music video, directed by the artist's frequent collaborator Tommy Kiljoy, weaves together arresting scenes from a junkyard, providing a striking visual backdrop that complements ThxSoMch's musical narrative.

Continuing the Trajectory: From "Sleez" to "Spiral"

ThxSoMch's musical journey gains momentum following his lauded debut EP, "Sleez," which achieved widespread acclaim and secured a spot in Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart's Top 15. The EP's breakout hit, "SPIT IN MY FACE!," has garnered over 330 million streams, graced the Billboard Hot 100, and become a sensation on TikTok. ThxSoMch's distinctive fusion of 90s alternative and 2000s SoundCloud rap energy has resonated deeply with both audiences and critics.

Energizing Audiences Worldwide: The Sleez World Tour

ThxSoMch is ready to electrify audiences worldwide as he embarks on the highly anticipated Sleez World Tour. Commencing on September 5th, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, the tour will traverse major cities across Europe and the US before concluding on September 21st in Chicago, IL. The tour promises an immersive experience of ThxSoMch's electrifying energy and signature sound, delivering an unforgettable live performance to fans.

As ThxSoMch's star continues its ascent, "Spiral" and the Sleez World Tour stand as milestones in his musical journey. With a genre-defying sound that resonates on a global scale, ThxSoMch is undoubtedly a name to watch as he leaves his mark on the ever-evolving music scene.

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