NAMESAKE Spring Summer 2025 “OFFSHORE”: A Voyage of Heritage and Evolution

June 24, 2024

Amidst the vibrant scene of Paris Fashion Week, NAMESAKE (以父之名) unveiled its Spring/Summer 2025 collection, "OFFSHORE," marking a significant milestone in the brand's journey. Founded in 2020 by brothers Steve, Michael, and Richard Hsieh, NAMESAKE continues to blend their diverse cultural influences from Taiwan, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

"OFFSHORE" celebrates the brand's tenth season with a profound narrative of family, heritage, and personal growth. The collection draws inspiration from the brothers' maritime roots, Buddhist spirituality, and their shared passion for basketball. Creative Director Steve Hsieh masterfully weaves these elements into a cohesive story, paying homage to eldest brother Richard's evolution and the family's fishery background.

The collection's aesthetic seamlessly merges East and West, reimagining traditional silhouettes with contemporary flair. A standout piece is a cream-colored jacket featuring distinctive Asian-inspired toggle fastenings, exemplifying the brand's cultural fusion. These toggles, set against a textured fabric reminiscent of sailing materials, perfectly encapsulate the maritime theme while nodding to Asian design traditions.

NAMESAKE's commitment to sustainability shines through in their fabric choices. Linen blends, pineapple leaf-fiber, and agricultural waste fabrics demonstrate the brand's eco-conscious approach. The collection also incorporates sailing textiles, with draping that mimics wind-filled sails and innovative cuts that blend functionality with style.

The color palette embraces serene, earthy tones, dominated by shades of cream and white, creating a sense of calm that aligns with the collection's themes of equanimity and personal growth. This monochromatic approach allows the textures and silhouettes to take center stage, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that NAMESAKE is known for.

Graphic elements tell a story of their own, featuring intricate family crests, maritime motifs, and clever homophonic puns that nod to the family's fish-selling heritage. The designs balance nostalgia with modernity, incorporating both serif fonts reminiscent of weathered nautical duffle bags and contemporary sans-serif graphics.

A highlight of "OFFSHORE" is NAMESAKE's collaboration with 7UICE, NBA player Jaylen Brown's community brand. This capsule collection celebrates their shared interests in basketball, community, and fashion, featuring chess-inspired designs and reimagined sportswear pieces.

As NAMESAKE sets sail into its next chapter, "OFFSHORE" stands as a testament to the brand's evolution. It honors its roots while charting new territories, navigating the fashion seas with a perfect balance of heritage and innovation. The collection's blend of Asian-inspired details, sustainable materials, and modern silhouettes offers a fresh perspective on contemporary menswear, firmly establishing NAMESAKE as a brand to watch in the global fashion landscape.

[Runway imagery courtesy of NAMESAKE and Patricia Buren and Kotaro Iizuka]