Naomi Campbell is the new face of Fendi Peekaboo

March 28, 2023

Naomi Campbell Fendi Peekaboo
Naomi Campbell Fendi Peekaboo
Naomi Campbell photographed by David Sims for Fendi

Welcoming spring, Naomi Campbell graces the new Fendi Peekaboo campaign. Photographed by David Sims, the striking In love with her Peekaboo campaign celebrates the bold faces – mothers, daughters, and friends of Fendi.

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A longtime friend of Fendi, Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear, Kim Jones, and Silvia Venturini Fendi, Naomi symbolizes ambition and strength – a character that the Peekaboo represents for women worldwide.

A Beloved Icon

The Fendi Peekaboo has shared iconic moments with Meghan Markle on the streets of London and Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordon, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, Gossip Girl star Evan Mock and Elite star Manu Rios, Brandon Flynn, Tom Ellis, and Karim Benzema.

Angelina Jolie, Adele Exarchopoulos, Danna Paola, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Ryoko Yonekura, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Reese Witherspoon, Lareina Song, Hye Kyo Song, and Tang Yixin, are amongst its loyal fans.

Fendi Peekaboo

The Peekaboo wearer is a multifaceted person. They have hidden talents; they choose what they reveal about themselves and when.

Fendi's Peekaboo bag's longevity through the end of the 2000s, the 2010s, and into the 2020s is a testament to its appeal worldwide for people of different ages, personalities, stylistic inclinations, and walks of life. The design is one of classicism with a twist that is embedded into every Peekaboo style. Its functionality can become a metaphor for the wearer's emotions and moods. 

I think carrying a Peekaboo says something about a strong, powerful, and empowered person who is not afraid to hide. One's bag is full of secrets, so the idea of the Peekaboo is a bag that can be worn open. It has two compartments - one you can keep close to you and close, and the other you can choose to reveal something of yourself to the world.