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NCT’s TAEYONG releases his first mini-album titled “SHALALA”

NCT’s TAEYONG releases his first mini-album titled “SHALALA”


Today marks a highly-anticipated moment for fans as NCT’s TAEYONG releases his first mini-album titled “SHALALA.” The 7-track masterpiece, co-written and composed by TAEYONG, is now available on various music platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. Fans can’t wait to dive into this musical journey crafted by the talented artist.

The mini-album title track, “SHALALA,” showcases TAEYONG’s signature witty rap flow. This hip-hop banger is accompanied by lively percussion and impactful drums that drive home the song’s empowering message: ‘We can all shine wherever we are.’ It’s a track that will surely make heads bop and hearts soar.

The album continues with “GWANDO,” a pop-rock gem featuring contrasting hip-hop-style drums. The heartfelt lyrics touch on the mixed emotions experienced when bidding farewell while assuring listeners that they will eventually find the strength to move on. Following this, “Move Mood Mode (feat. WENDY)” takes listeners through the rollercoaster of emotions felt in love. The song showcases TAEYONG’s captivating rap skills alongside the soothing vocals of Red Velvet’s WENDY, creating a harmonious blend of talent.


Each track on the mini-album delves into different aspects of TAEYONG’s personal experiences. “Virtual Insanity” explores how his music would sound if he watched his concert through virtual reality. “Ruby” pays homage to his late dog and delivers a more playful sound. “404 File Not Found” is a medium-tempo track that delves into the theme of loneliness. Closing the album is “Back to the Past,” a self-reflective piece that carries a hopeful message about embracing the future.


TAEYONG has been making waves as an individual artist, showcasing his talent beyond the group’s activities. In 2019, he released his solo track “Long Flight” through SM STATION, which received widespread acclaim and debuted at #6 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. In 2022, his collaboration with rapper Wonstein for the single “Love Theory” also achieved remarkable success, debuting at #8 on the same chart.

NCT 127

As a member of NCT’s sub-group, NCT 127, TAEYONG has been actively involved in their recent world tour. Their fourth album, “Ay-Yo,” soared to the top 10 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, marking their fifth consecutive achievement in this regard. Earlier this year, NCT 127 made history on Roblox by hosting a virtual event and concert experience celebrating “127 Day”. The virtual concert became the platform’s most extensive official group performance, with all nine members delivering an unforgettable show.

“SHALALA” – The 1st Mini Album Tracklist:

  3. Move Mood Mode (Feat. WENDY)
  4. Virtual Insanity
  5. RUBY
  6. 404 File Not Found
  7. Back to the Past

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