Neil Barrett fall winter 2023

January 16, 2023

Neil Barrett presents the fall winter 2023 collection in Milan.

Subculture Uniforms

Everyday uniforms - uniforms of reality and personality. The Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2023 collection is inspired by the truth of the masculine wardrobe: the unconscious, subconscious uniforms of everyday life and culture. Ironically, these are uniforms worn by those who eschew that label, but these clothes mark out both the individual and a sense of community, of belonging.

The collection is built around individuality - individual characters and items of clothing—the core of a real wardrobe. Personae can evolve in different moods: different characters are indicated by choice of pieces, hues, and combinations.

Inspiration is drawn from music tribes and subcultures - Punk and post-Punk, Rockers, New Wave, and Casuals. Markers of shared culture and interest, their uniforms reflect reality, but here they are heightened and elevated.

Leathers are precision-tailored into shirts and trousers, while nods to grunge are evoked through engineered Fair Isle knits, distorted and morphed - twisted classics. Shirts are reengineered as outerwear, in light poplin, sturdy leather or padded layers to become a hybrid between outerwear and separates. Tracksuits are executed in glossy rayon, combined with a tuxedo for a contradictory sense of luxury.

Neil Barrett’s identity is Underscoring all - the precise tailoring that shapes menswear and has informed his work since the 1990s. Traces of that decade and the 2000s - decades that refined the landscape of contemporary men’s wardrobes - run through this collection in its Minimalist lines, focused silhouettes, and attention to detail. This collection invites the audience backstage to the process of its documentation - another reflection of real life.

Neil Barrett X SIENS

The Fall/Winter 2023 Neil Barrett collection debuts a collaboration with Siens eyewear, created by Studio Russo in Milan. The minimal ‘Metropolis’ style is proposed in four colorways, coordinating with hues from the Fall/Winter collection. It underscores both the distinct design identity of each brand and their synergy.