Ni Ni and Chang Chen Celebrate Travel and Bonds in Gucci’s 2024 Valigeria Campaign

January 4, 2024

Ni Ni, the epitome of jet-set elegance, glides through the airport corridor. Clad in a chic ensemble perfect for travel, she pulls along Gucci Valigeria luggage, her poise as striking as her fashion.

Gucci's latest Valigeria campaign is a celebration of travel, relationships, and timeless elegance. Global ambassadors, Ni Ni and Chang Chen, showcase the bond that transcends on-screen chemistry to genuine off-screen friendship, perfectly embodying Gucci's community spirit.

Ni Ni, global brand ambassador for Gucci, strides with confidence through the airport, her Gucci Valigeria luggage in tow, capturing the essenc

Savoir-Faire Meets Modernity

Creative Director Sabato De Sarno's vision comes to life, juxtaposing the heritage-rich Gucci Savoy collection with contemporary neon travel designs. The campaign captures the duo in an airport, highlighting the beauty of travel and companionship.

Craftsmanship for the Contemporary Traveler

The Gucci Savoy line, part of the wider Gucci Valigeria travel selection, blends iconic GG monograms with fresh neon leather details. Each piece, from trolleys to duffles, echoes Gucci's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Chang Chen, alongside Ni Ni, embodies the modern traveler’s spirit in Gucci’s Valigeria campaign, reflecting the seamless blend of style, function, and friendship set against the backdrop of an international journey.

The Collection's Narrative

Available globally, the collection includes hard and soft-sided options, with new neon styles launching later this year. Gucci continues to redefine travel luxury, ensuring every journey is accompanied by style and heritage.

Watch the campaign come to life below and discover the Gucci Valigeria collection at gucci.com.