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Off-White fall winter 2023

Off-White fall winter 2023

Off-White fall winter 2023
Off-White Fall Winter 2023/24

Ib Kamara presents the Off-White fall winter 2023 collection in Paris. The show is titled Lunar Delivery.

Collection Notes

There could only ever be one Virgil. He was constantly innovating and thinking ahead and he left us a brand that can reinvent itself, grow and stand the test of time. I feel the responsibility for him and for everyone who has worked, loved, worn and believed in Off-White.

This collection marks the beginning of a new path, inspired by world-building. It envisions something yet to exist. Moon-surfing daydreams and star-gazing thoughts are at the heart of our evolution. Working on this collection, I found myself and my point of view in a universe that is true to me. It’s punk, sexy, romantic and inspired by our modern lives.

Ibrahim Kamara, Art and Image Director
Off-White Fall Winter 2023-2023
Off-White Fall Winter 2023-2024

Last season was a reflection on accomplishments and a celebration of all that was. There was a fixation on living in that moment, but the path ahead had yet to be defined. The premise of change suggests an upheaval, but there is a grounding in Off-White’s roots. Optimism encourages clarity of thought and direction and has brought about a space in which we have rediscovered the foundations and built upon the traditional codes and ethics of the house that Virgil built.

Contemporary Culture

Contemporary culture is the first reference point, analyzed with an active curiosity. An obsession with delivery developed as it became the vital positioning in the metropolitan milieu, and its function became increasingly apparent. Drawing from this as inspiration initially felt disparate from Off White’s traditional points of reference, but there is a sense of familiarity.

Off-White’s curiosity had long been sparked by industrialization, a constant theme now seen through a new lens. Much like the iconic Arrow, which has become the symbol of a generational shift in the last decade, finds new life in a softer shape.

Inspiration is lifted from places much closer to home before being projected into another realm. On a trip back to Big Wharf, Ibrahim Kamara drew references from his humble beginnings: rain-rusted corrugated roofs influence color palettes, and West African motifs are reinterpreted to conjure a new vision of indigenous civilizations.

Off-White Fall Winter 2023-2024
Off-White Fall Winter 2023-2024

Off-White Blue

In all its intimate power, the Off-White Blue remains a point of reference with its humanity and vulnerability. Worldbuilding is an integral part of the process that engages in an unshakeable childlike whimsy.

This season, logic is evaded in favor of imagination with little to no limits. This collection envisions the future. Though sci-fi inspired, it doesn’t follow aging tropes. It is not about costuming or recreating. The impetus for the collection is both humble and earnest. It is a 360° way of thinking that expands one concept into many. The design philosophy is not elitist. It’s not a means to exclude and isn’t tainted by pessimism. Instead, we see a noble profession and reimagine it with an outcome that is elegant, precise, and attuned to the times.



Off-White Fall Winter 2023 Collection

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