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Zegna summer 2021

Zegna summer 2021

For the 110th Anniversary, Ermenegildo Zegna celebrates by presenting an introspective Summer 2021 collection. A return to well-being and nature roots the collection through relaxed silhouettes and breezy fabrics.

“A moment like this can easily lead to a glorification of flawless precision of the machine – says Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori – but at Zegna, in respect of a humanist tradition that is profoundly Italian, we believe that the human being always sits at the center, in harmony with nature. It is sensitivity and creativity, human qualities par excellence, that get the best out of machines. Without man, everything would be soulless. This project reflects this union of sensibilities, which is also a balance of past and future, of inside and outside, in a cohesive yet multifaceted opus”.

Video and images courtesy of Zegna.

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