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Palomo Spain SS 2024 Collection: “Cruising in the Rose Garden”

Palomo Spain SS 2024 Collection: “Cruising in the Rose Garden”

Palomo Spain, the trailblazing fashion house unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. This collection marks a return to the brand’s roots, delving deep into Alejandro Gómez Palomo’s Spanish heritage and his most intimate fantasies.

Cruising in the Rose Garden

Titled ‘Cruising in the Rose Garden,’ this collection immerses itself in discreet encounters, offering a world free from judgment. Here, identities are celebrated without restraint, and moments of pure ecstasy take center stage. It’s a poignant tribute to love and desire, where individuals discover solace and pleasure in each other’s embrace, all while celebrating the wondrous diversity of human longing.

Unveiling the Aesthetic Narrative

This collection offers a retrospective view of Palomo’s iconic pieces, expertly reimagined to breathe new life into familiar classics. From the Ass Air trousers to flamenco-inspired designs, these beloved garments are revisited with a contemporary twist.

Baggy jeans and mini shorts coexist with babydoll dresses and flowing capes. The combination of delicate materials like silk, lace, and linen with robust elements such as leather and denim creates an appealing contrast. The color palette mirrors the twilight hours, where intimacy flourishes and hearts find solace. It revolves around soft violets, pinks, and blues, forming a striking contrast with deep reds and blacks, evoking a sensuous darkness.

In revealing the inspiration behind this collection, Alejandro Gómez Palomo shares, “Following a collection that celebrated the freedom of childhood and a naïve approach to gender and clothing, I wanted to delve into a more sexualized character, one who has matured and possesses a profound awareness of their power of attraction. My aim was to reflect on my own identity and heritage as a Spanish designer.”

The music that accompanied the show, deeply influenced by the rhythms of flamenco, forged an evocative atmosphere. It seamlessly melded contemporary elements with haunting chants from “Lole y Manuel” and traditional clapping, transcending the audience beyond the bustling streets of New York and into the heart of Palomo’s narrative.

Palomo Spain x Bimba y Lola Collaboration

The Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2024 runway show also marked a momentous collaboration with the prestigious Spanish accessories brand, Bimba y Lola. This unique partnership encompasses co-created looks and an exclusive capsule collection of bags and accessories, featuring an updated rendition of Bimba y Lola’s cherished “Tote Pocket Bag.”

This collaboration is rooted in the core essence of both brands, effortlessly merging Palomo’s gender-neutral and glamorous approach with Bimba y Lola’s avant-garde and empowering ethos. While Palomo’s previous collections have predominantly centered around menswear with a touch of womenswear influence, this collaboration boldly accentuates the realm of women’s fashion.

You can anticipate the Palomo Spain x Bimba y Lola collaboration to be available for purchase on their respective e-commerce platforms and select retailers starting in mid-October. This partnership is a meeting of two iconic Spanish fashion houses, celebrating individuality, creativity, and empowerment. Explore more at Palomo Spain’s official website.

Palomo Spain SS24 Full Collection

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