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Ji Min Lee spring summer 2020

Ji Min Lee spring summer 2020

New York Fashion Week can feel stale with the humdrum of usual suspects walking precisely marketed, otherwise safe collections. That is why Parsons School of Design is here to bring us new perspectives from savvy and daring students. Parsons MFA designer Ji Min Lee’s “Female Gaze” collection stood out prominently to our editors. Although only seven looks, the collection proposed more new ideas than many hundred look collections we’ve seen.

Bold subversive cuts, sharp tailoring, and decorated sheer underpinnings sustain the structure of the men’s silhouette and proposes to strip it of power. Men’s suiting through the female lens. Pant legs walk as decorative pieces, the two piece suit is reimagined as a single mended coat.

Ji Min Lee has found a delicate, unique sensibility in suiting where there has long been associations with power, masculinity, and conformity. Explore the collection below. Images courtesy of Ji Min Lee.

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