Futuristic Fashion Fusion: Helmut Lang by Peter Do at NYFW

A model presents a piece from the Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 2024 collection by Peter Do, featuring a black jacket with semi-circular cut-outs and a protective high-neck cover.

This image captures a striking look from the Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 2024 collection, designed by Peter Do and showcased at New York Fashion Week. The model wears a unique black jacket with an intricate pattern of semi-circular cut-outs, creating a scale-like texture that embodies both protection and high fashion. The jacket is paired with a matching high-neck piece that extends over the head, reminiscent of an astronaut’s suit, aligning with the collection’s theme of urban armor and tailored resilience. The design speaks to the current global climate, offering garments that serve as both a protective utility and a statement of sartorial distinction.

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