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Pharrell Williams Sets the Pace with His Vision for Louis Vuitton: Introducing the New Speedy Bag Campaign Starring Rihanna

Pharrell Williams Sets the Pace with His Vision for Louis Vuitton: Introducing the New Speedy Bag Campaign Starring Rihanna


Pharrell Williams ignites his creative vision for Louis Vuitton in a groundbreaking collaboration by introducing the new Speedy bag. This marks his first campaign for the Maison, resulting in a meeting of luxury, art, and everyday icons. The campaign starring megastar Rihanna features the iconic Speedy bag reimagined and contextualized through imagery captured by the lenses of Keizō Kitajima and Martine Syms.

Styled by longtime collaborators Cynthia Lu and Matthew Henson, the campaign unveils a great union between two icons—the timeless allure of the Speedy bag and the universal appeal of Rihanna as an artist. The campaign teaser, displayed on the façade of Musée d’Orsay in the lead-up to the show, sets the stage for an extraordinary exploration of luxury and artistic expression.

Luxury Bag Meets Universal Appeal

The new Speedy draws inspiration from Pharrell Williams’ formative experiences in luxury, particularly his early education in the cosmopolitan nucleus of Canal Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. This cultural axis, pulsating with diverse energy and a relentless hustle mentality, resonates in the streets of metropoles worldwide. Evolved from the classic Speedy, one of Pharrell Williams’ favorites, the new iteration embodies Louis Vuitton’s exquisite savoir-faire, reflecting Canal Street’s stylistic attitude and codes. It is a true everyday icon designed to transcend boundaries and suit every walk of life.

The campaign showcases the new Speedy and complements Pharrell Williams’ creative direction at the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme. Released with the Spring-Summer 2024 Men’s Show, the campaign imagery goes beyond mere illustration and becomes an integral part of the proposal. It challenges perceptions, recontextualizes history, and evolves an existing legacy. At its heart is a thought-provoking image featuring a pregnant Rihanna—an emblem of human empowerment and the quintessential everyday icon. This image symbolizes the reimagining and redefinition that Pharrell Williams brings to the Maison.

Crafted with a real-life sensibility, the new Speedy pays homage to the trapezoid lines of the classic design but is crafted from supple-grained calf leather lined with the finest lambskin. Its soft construction allows the bag to collapse and drape naturally, as it would through everyday wear and gestures. The silkscreen-printed Monogram design adds a blurred, artisanal touch reminiscent of hand-painted artistry, available in various colors across nine dimensions.

Speedy Bag History

Building upon a design rooted in wearability and adaptability, the Speedy bag was initially created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton in 1930 as a leather travel bag named the Express, reflecting the era’s fascination with speed and automobiles. In 1959, it was reintroduced in Monogram canvas, enhancing its urban appeal and capturing the attention of style icons like Audrey Hepburn, who requested a smaller version to suit her petite frame. This design evolution propelled the Speedy into an iconic status that has endured for nearly a century, inspiring countless artistic interpretations and establishing its position as a true emblem of Louis Vuitton.

In this exciting chapter of Louis Vuitton’s story, the new Speedy stands as a testament to the Maison’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to capture the spirit of our times. It symbolizes the dynamic fusion between fashion and art, where the extraordinary meets the every day and where Pharrell Williams’ visionary approach shapes the future of luxury.

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