Pharrell Williams Unveils Highly Anticipated Louis Vuitton Men’s SS24 Collection

June 21, 2023


Pharrell Williams presents the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 Men's Collection. This visionary collection revolves around the sun as a powerful symbol of opportunity, responsibility, and unity. Williams draws inspiration from the universal source of life, showcasing the sun's ability to energize, heal, and connect people across diverse cultures. This collection celebrates the idea of spreading love and light to one another.

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Set Design, Pont Neuf

A Metaphorical Connection

VA to Paris Presented on the historic Pont Neuf in Paris, the show establishes a metaphorical link between the French capital and Pharrell Williams' home state of Virginia. It pays tribute to the Men's Creative Director's early education at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach and his journey that led to this moment. The collection combines American varsity jackets with Parisian craftsmanship, encouraging a fresh exploration of sporty attire.

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24 Finale, Pont Neuf
Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage
Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage


Introducing the concept of LVERS, Louis Vuitton invites a diverse global community that shares a deep appreciation for the Maison's core values. Symbolized by the iconic LV initials, this culture radiates warmth, well-being, and inclusiveness. The collection showcases meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the discernment and savoir-faire that define Louis Vuitton. This sentiment is further echoed by the slogan of Pharrell Williams' home state, "Virginia is for lovers."

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage
Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage

Damoflage: Tradition meets Contemporary

The collection introduces the captivating Damoflage pattern, seamlessly merging Louis Vuitton's heritage Damier with camouflage. This pattern pays tribute to Williams' Parisian friends and represents the diverse realms of style. The iconic Louis Vuitton motifs are reinterpreted strikingly from accessories to workwear and denim. Landscape motifs and laser-cut flower patterns adorn coats and bags, creating an invigorating, outdoor-inspired aesthetic.

Vibrant Damier: Colors and Adaptations

In a synesthetic expression, primary colors breathe new life into Louis Vuitton's classic Damier chessboard graphic. The collection introduces fresh adaptations, including an 8-bit Atari Damier motif created by digital artist ET Artist. Tailoring, pajamas, and denim feature bold expressions of the Damier pattern. The grain of Damier leather is meticulously captured through stitch-like 3D pigment prints. Pearl decorations, grace-tailored pieces, sportswear, and workwear add an exquisite touch to the ensemble.

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage

The Dandy Attitude: Contemporary Shape with a Touch of Elegance

Embracing the dandy's spirit, the collection presents a contemporary twist on tailored silhouettes. Encrusted with pearls and crystals, the carefully curated ensembles exude the art of dressing rooted in sartorialism. Sharp-cut suits in classic and modern proportions set the tone, while collarless tunics and workwear-inspired jackets offer a Parisian flair. The collection blends shrunken volumes with oversized elements, juxtaposing elegance and casualness for a captivating aesthetic.

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage

Canal Street's Attitude: Introducing the New Speedy Bag

Drawing inspiration from New York City's Canal Street attitude and vibrant energy, the collection introduces a fresh iteration of the iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. While retaining its distinctive trapezoid lines, this everyday icon showcases supple-grained calf leather and a collapsible bottom, mirroring the beauty of natural wear and tear. Silkscreen-printed Monogram patterns create an artisanal effect, capturing the essence of the city's dynamic spirit.

Louis Vuitton Men's SS24, Backstage, Monogram Copper

Trunks and Healing Elements: Monogram Copper

In a remarkable transformation, the revered Louis Vuitton trunk takes on a new form with Monogram Copper, symbolizing healing and transformation under the sun's nurturing embrace. Monogram Copper makes its presence felt in canvas bags, a leather backpacks, and trainer trunks, seamlessly connecting Louis Vuitton's iconic trunks with the transformative properties of copper.

The collection also showcases oversized Multicolour Damier motifs across various iconic pieces, while LV Allover calfskin bags feature embossed gold or silver LVs. Epi XL bags interpret veined leather in a magnified form, adding a touch of luxury to the ensemble.

Artworks by Henry Taylor featuring individuals who have profoundly influenced the artist's life are micro-embroidered on tailoring, denim, and accessories, infusing the collection with a deeply personal touch and artistic expression.

Pupil King: A Cinematic Prelude

The Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 Men's Show opens with the thought-provoking film "Pupil King," directed by Todd Tourso. Shot on the banks of the Seine against the majestic backdrop of Pont Neuf, the film captures a compelling conversation between American comedian Jerrod Carmichael and artist Henry Taylor. Their dialogue revolves around passion, pro-action, perseverance, and the essence of the human condition, resonating with the collection's message of love, empowerment, and boundless opportunities.

Joyful Melodies: The Enchanting Soundtrack

Creating an immersive experience on the runway, the show features a captivating soundtrack. Pharrell Williams' original composition, "Peace Be Still," featuring Lang Lang, sets the stage for a harmonious journey. The track "Chains & Whips" by Clipse adds rhythmic energy, while "JOY (Unspeakable)" by Voices of Fire, featuring Pharrell Williams, amplifies the feeling of joy and celebration.

Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 Men's Collection by Pharrell Williams captures the essence of inspiration, cultural connections, and individual expression. From the powerful symbolism of the sun to the fusion of diverse styles and the celebration of warmth and appreciation, this collection embodies a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary elements. With each design and detail thoughtfully crafted, Pharrell Williams brings a fresh perspective to the Maison, allowing those to embrace their unique identities and radiate love and light in all their interactions.