Photographer Carlos Darder unveils a new art book,inspired by the city of Los Angeles

December 13, 2022

Photograph by Carlos Darder

Photographer and Rain contributor, Carlos Darder, unveils a new art book, Heaven or Los Angeles, inspired by the daily thrills of life in Los Angeles, California. The 58-page hardcover book is extremely limited. Only 69 copies are available. Exclusive preview below, courtesy of the artist.

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Moving to LA was harder than expected but the best decision i could have never done. I married the love of my life, I met amazing people and it feels so surreal that most of the days when I wake up I still believe that I’m dreaming (I don’t know if its depersonalization or if I’m still adjusting to it). I have also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder which makes everything easier knowing that, I can’t do drugs (which I love) and I have to sleep well to be functional and not feel crazy.

Heaven or Los Angeles preview