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pinqponq releases Mono Maxgear

pinqponq releases Mono Maxgear

The functional and innovative accessories brand, pinqponq announces a special collection called Mono Maxgear. The capsule realizes three new styles: the Blok, an extremely versatile backpack that is perfect for a carry on; the Klak, a smaller bag that fits a laptop and your essentials; and the Tetrik, a belt bag for your most important possessions.

A leader in fabric innovation, pinqponq employs a fabric on all the bags called Crinkle. The fabric is constructed from pre-consumer recycled Nylon and treated with a polyurethane coating making the bags water and stain repellant.

The greatest part is the hand-feel of the bag has a softness to it making the bags practical for transport and comfortability. They come in monochromatic black for a sleek and less voluminous appearance. The interiors are blue and the signature twin metal pinqponq circles make for a nice minimal touch.

Have a look at the full collection in the gallery below. Images courtesy of pinqponq.

Read more about the collection and availability here.

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