Private Policy fall winter 2022

February 16, 2022

Private Policy presents the Fall Winter 2022 collection as part of New York Fashion Week. The brand, led by co-founders Siying Qu and Haoran Li, this season explored the Fungi kingdom through a show titled, "Organic Futurism."

Inspired by the potential of mycelium to heal the planet and ourselves, this collection is about a reimagined world apart from the damaging means used to power economies through the 20th Century. Coal, plastics, oil, and synthetics have wrecked our planet and fashion has long been a major contributor.

Mushroom leather and sustainable nylon make up many pieces in the collection. It is an attempt to challenge the fashion industry to do better. A zero-waste foam platform shoe makes it debut this season. Interestingly, a futuristic vision of the iconic Coca-Cola logo walked in the show. Described as sharing the same values of: "community and equality."

Explore the full Private Policy fall winter 2022 collection below. Images courtesy of Private Policy.