Modern Western Glamour at PRIVATE POLICY’s NYFW FW24 Runway Show

A model confidently walks down the runway at New York Fashion Week in a PRIVATE POLICY sleeveless mini dress featuring a metallic sheen, accessorized with black gloves and high boots, set against the thematic hay-covered floor reflecting the 'Wild Wild World' FW24 collection's motif.

This image showcases a model wearing a PRIVATE POLICY creation at New York Fashion Week. She is dressed in a sleeveless, form-fitting mini dress that exhibits a metallic texture, giving off a futuristic yet Western-inspired vibe in line with the ‘Wild Wild World’ FW24 collection theme. The dress is paired with elegant, long black gloves and knee-high boots, contributing to the modern-meets-classic Western aesthetic. Her head is adorned with a sleek, black headband that complements her streamlined look. The model’s bold walk on the hay-scattered runway, with a focused expression, captures the essence of PRIVATE POLICY’s vision of blending historical Americana with contemporary fashion narratives.

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