PRIVATE POLICY Co-Founders Showcase ‘Wild Wild World’ FW24 Collection at NYFW

Haoran Li and Siying Qu walk side by side on a hay-covered runway at New York Fashion Week, representing their brand PRIVATE POLICY. Haoran is wearing a tan jacket over a grey shirt and brown pants, while Siying is in a vibrant neon green top and matching cargo pants, both embodying the 'Wild Wild World' FW24 collection theme.

This image captures the co-founders of PRIVATE POLICY, Haoran Li and Siying Qu, at New York Fashion Week, illustrating the brand’s latest ‘Wild Wild World’ FW24 collection. Haoran Li sports a casual, yet stylish tan jacket paired with a grey shirt and brown trousers, complemented by black shoes. Siying Qu stands out in a monochromatic neon green ensemble, consisting of a ribbed top with tie-up detail at the bust and coordinating cargo pants, finished with black shoes. The runway is strewn with hay, invoking the aesthetic of the American Wild West and reflecting the collection’s exploration of artificial intelligence’s impact on society.

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