PRIVATE POLICY New York’s SS24 Collection: Fashion Meets Environmental Stewardship

September 22, 2023

PRIVATE POLICY New York once again pushes the boundaries of creativity with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This season, the brand delves deeper into the intricate interplay between social justice and environmental harmony, drawing inspiration from a global mission that profoundly resonates with both the fashion industry and society at large—the preservation of Coral Reefs.

Coral Reefs: A Wellspring of Inspiration

At the heart of PRIVATE POLICY New York's S/S '24 collection lies the message of Coral Reef preservation. Going beyond aesthetics, the brand interweaves this inspiration into utilitarian workwear, deep-sea diving gear, and rugged field jackets. From wetsuit-inspired contouring to mesh headgear, and the fusion of buoyant life vests with capacious pockets, a thematic thread weaves its way throughout the entire line.

Vibrant Resurgence: Neon Hues and Recycled Sequins

The journey of Coral Reef restoration mirrors the rewarding moments, much like the revival of these submerged ecosystems, bursting forth with resplendent hues and marine vitality. This sentiment is brought to life in the collection through neon pink and lime art motifs. Furthermore, the brand's signature slanted checker print receives a contemporary update, featuring a dynamic gingham pattern radiating vibrancy. The playful cascade of recycled-polyester sequins on canvases like denim and satin serves as a visual testament to the aspired triumphant resurgence of the Coral landscape.

A Dedication to Environmental Enlightenment

PRIVATE POLICY New York's commitment to environmental consciousness transcends the realm of fashion. The brand has forged a partnership with the Reef Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization harnessing nanotechnological Oceanite structures to breathe new life into aquatic ecosystems. Together, they've curated an informative tee in the iconic newspaper style, sharing insights from the Reef Life Foundation on strategies to save the Coral Reefs. Moreover, for every PRIVATE POLICY New York x Reef Life Foundation tee sold, an Oceanite block will be planted in areas in dire need of rejuvenation.

Raising Awareness with Style

This season, PRIVATE POLICY New York aims to create a wave of awareness about the plight of Coral Reefs while paying homage to their ancient beauty and pivotal role in our world.

Championing fashion and environmental stewardship, PRIVATE POLICY New York's S/S '24 collection transcends trends; it becomes a powerful statement, advocating for a more sustainable and conscious world. Discover more about the collection online at