Private Policy spring summer 2023

September 17, 2022

Private Policy showed the spring summer 2023 collection as part of New York Fashion Week.

Consisting of 27 looks, PRIVATE POLICY went on a trail in search of Peace and discovered a heartfelt land of love and freedom for all. Titled “Noah’s Ark”, the collection emphasizes the process of capturing peace, as if they were capturing the Dove on the ark. Utilitarian and ocean-inspired net material exploration, from mesh detail to shimmering sequence resembling the shining night water, from overlapping nets to create airy dimensions to handmade accessories made of precious natural-mottled dove feathers.

The imageries of Noah’s Ark are filled with animals, the pairing of them boarding the end of the world ship, the lively yet orderly interior filled with different species.How interesting, a story from the 1st century heavily considered all animals on land when planning for an evacuation, which made the human-only escape tense in contemporary narratives seem selfish. While in active discussion of sustainability, we call for a return to Noah’s vision of Peace, love,and freedom for all.

A harmonious relationship between humans' metropolitan lifestyle with the other animals. Similar to PRIVATE POLICY’s recent topics of Urban Plants (SS22) and Organic Futurism with Fungi (FW22), this time wepresent ideas of the aspirational city life to incorporate and consider other animals on this planet. Some actions are already taking place, such as wide connecting “highway” cutting cross human highway for animal migration, stopping deforestation for human real estate development, or may we dare to imagine a city with other animals, where we live side by side and rave side by side. This bold vision led us to the runway show story, where we celebrate freedom and love. The models entering our NYC vessel in pairs symbolize the animals boarding the ark, with music and sounds of animals to bring them closer to us and bring us closer to them even if just for this one night of dreams.