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Puma Debuts ‘Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show’ with Emily Ratajkowski and Davido

Puma Debuts ‘Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show’ with Emily Ratajkowski and Davido

A dynamic fashion show scene with models walking the runway under vibrant red lights, featuring a setup titled "WELCOME TO THE AMAZING MOSTRO SHOW" presented by PUMA.

On the evening of February 8th, under the grandeur of New York City’s historic Park Avenue Armory, Puma captivated the fashion world with “Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show.” This event was a multi-sensory journey, marking the celebrated return of the iconic Mostro sneaker at the outset of New York Fashion Week.

A Spectacle of Innovation and Heritage

The Mostro, deriving its name from the Italian word for “monster,” is famed for its distinctive spiked sole and unique strap closure. First introduced in 1999, the sneaker quickly became a hallmark of innovative design and avant-garde aesthetics.

The 2024 revival, showcased through a blend of custom and commercial pieces from Puma’s AW24 collections, reaffirms the brand’s mastery at merging sport with high fashion. Styled by Alastair McKimm and Puma Global Creative Director Heiko Desens, the show was a tribute to Puma’s enduring legacy and forward-thinking ethos.

Illuminated in a striking blue hue, the iconic Puma Mostro sneaker takes center stage at the after-party, its signature spiked sole reflecting the event’s cutting-edge vibe. (Images courtesy of BFA)

A Carnival of Fashion and Artistry

Puma transformed the Park Avenue Armory into a veritable carnival, complete with light shows, projections, and an ethereal musical performance by Eartheater. This immersive setting was not just about showcasing footwear but also redefining the fashion show experience, blending it with elements of an amusement park to mirror the Mostro’s unconventional appeal.

Celebrity Endorsements and Partnerships

The show attracted a constellation of stars, with notable attendees like Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, and Davido, highlighting Puma’s influence across various industries. The inclusion of Puma partners and celebrities underscored the brand’s commitment to fostering connections within the global creative community. The campaign directed by Puma x F1 Creative Director A$AP Rocky, which premiered just before the event, further emphasized the Mostro’s cultural significance.

Emily Ratajkowski at the Puma event, effortlessly chic in a black blazer dress paired with vibrant red Puma sneakers, captures the essence of sporty elegance.
Davido exudes confidence at the Puma event, his style a perfect blend of luxury and sport, donning a metallic silver tracksuit complemented by crisp white sneakers and accessorized with a statement Puma duffle bag.

The After Party: A Continuation of the Celebration

The festivities continued into the night with an exclusive after-party at Nebula, New York City. The event, inspired by the Mostro’s unique design, featured a special performance by Davido, ensuring that the spirit of the show lived on in an atmosphere charged with energy and excitement.

Puma’s Triumph at NYFW

Puma’s “Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show” was a bold statement on the convergence of sport, fashion, and culture. By resurrecting the Mostro, Puma not only paid homage to its past but also set the stage for the future of fashion, proving once again that the brand remains at the forefront of innovation and style.

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