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Puppets and Puppets spring summer 2020

Puppets and Puppets spring summer 2020

Some say the egg represents the earth, fertility, feminimity, and even resurrection. For artist Carly Mark‘s and designer Ayla Argentina‘s, Puppets and Puppets, they certainly cracked a few eggs for this collection. The egg notably became the protagonist for their Spring/Summer 2020 show in New York. Eggs became earrings, shoes mended with egg cartons, and eggs covered models’ chests in a nod to the artist Sarah Lucas. The collection itself was served scrambled with quite a bit of pastiche and silhouettes that slipped into theatrics at times.

We were drawn to the knitted dresses, exaggerated shapes, and the daring combination of elements, mixing high and low. The sharp tailored suits were also compelling. We like our eggs like we like our reviews, sunny side up. This is an artist-designer duo with something very bold and provocative to say, we’re just not sure what that is quite yet.

Explore the full collection below. Images courtesy of Puppets and Puppets. Exclusive backstage by Ashley Jahncke for RAIN.

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