Puppets and Puppets Spring/Summer 2024: A Haunting Ode to Self-Reflection

September 14, 2023

Moses Sumney, Julia Fox attend the Puppets and Puppets SS24 show in New York

Amid the bustling ambiance of NYFW, Puppets and Puppets unveiled their Spring/Summer 2024 collection—a vivid perspective of emotional introspection, historical influences, and a dash of modern-day humor.

Memoirs of an Urban Existence

Under the watchful eyes of the fashion community, Creative Director Carly Mark took the spectators on a journey through her personal experiences over the past two years. Anchoring her collection in the sentiments of introspection and memories that linger, Mark's narrative provides a window into the multifaceted life of women in New York City. Mark poignantly reflects, “I feel like there are so many moments for women in New York City, tough days, when communication leaves you feeling haunted for a while.”

Tove Lo

Ghosts of the Past Meet Contemporary Design

The collection is imbued with inspiration from vintage paranormal photography, particularly images capturing séances and mediums from the dusk of the 19th and dawn of the 20th centuries. These photos, intriguingly showcasing ectoplasmic emanations and spirit communications, added an eerie yet fascinating layer to the collection's aesthetic.

In Mark's vision, fashion transcends mere visual appeal. “They claimed truth through photo tricks, suggesting ectoplasm, or ghost substances, being released from their mouths and ears,” she notes, drawing parallels between illusions of the past and the transformative nature of clothing. This theme of transformation crystallizes in one of the collection's stand-out pieces: bananas ensconced in leather, presented not as a whimsical handbag, but as a potent symbol challenging conventional definitions of "status."

Puppets and Puppets, Spring 2024, New York, September 13 2023

A Soulful Interlude

Setting the rhythm for this enthralling parade of fashion was Jazz Ajilo, New York City's cherished subway performer. With his signature stuffed animal companions dancing alongside, Ajilo's rendition of "Lady in Red" on the saxophone painted an evocative picture. One could almost sense the spirit of a resilient woman navigating the labyrinthine NYC subway, her determination and grace intact.

In its entirety, Puppets and Puppets' Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a poignant juxtaposition of the past and present. It serves as both a celebration of personal growth and an ode to the indomitable spirit of women everywhere.

Puppets and Puppets Spring Summer 2024 Full Collection