R13 pre-spring 2022

June 16, 2021

The intimate look book, photographed by Marie Tomanova, illustrates the fragility of fashion imagery. "What happens when real life takes center stage and how does fashion find a place in all that?" the raw and artistic film seems to ask.

Inspired by the cool bohemian lifestyles of the subjects, the film titled "Kate & Odie – An unapologetic love, united by humor, understanding and acceptance" and look book takes a renewed look at authenticity and love.

The inspiration for the film is stated as:

From moving in together two weeks after they met, to being confined together in close quarters throughout the pandemic, Kate and Odie's love for each other remains as strong as the day they've met.

What started out as an unorthodox marriage proposal, Odie flashing Kate in the middle of the street with a tattoo that reads "Will you Marry Me?", has blossomed into a true love story between two people who find a piece of themselves in each other.

Grunge tees, loose denim, leather bombers, Warholian prints, point to the influence of Gen Z styling. This is a collection about unapologetically being yourself, no matter how quirky or different that may be. Watch the full film and see the look book below. Images courtesy of R13.