Rabanne: A Bold New Era Unveiled as Iconic Fashion House Embraces Global Transformation

June 30, 2023


Rabanne, the iconic fashion and fragrance house, is embarking on an exciting new era as it rebrands from Paco Rabanne to Rabanne. With a simplified and more international name, this change signifies a significant moment for the Maison as it celebrates its 60th anniversary and a decade of remarkable growth. This evolution represents a bold step towards uniting fashion and beauty under one unique signature and lifestyle.

A New Visual Identity

Accompanying the name change is a captivating new visual identity and logo that pay homage to Monsieur Rabanne's avant-garde legacy while honoring the brand's trailblazing heritage. The striking typography draws inspiration from the maison's first fragrance, Calandre, launched back in 1969. By embracing this fresh visual identity, Rabanne embraces a refined signature, characterized by the sleek silhouette of the "R" monogram, symbolizing confident modern minimalism as the brand enters an exciting new chapter. Moreover, the logo, written in small letters, challenges conventions and represents a disruptive and rule-breaking approach.


This momentous transformation signifies Rabanne's commitment to innovation and embracing the future. The brand's fusion of fashion and beauty creates a harmonious synergy, offering a complete lifestyle experience. With its rich history and visionary spirit, Rabanne is poised to captivate the world with its captivating designs, exceptional fragrances, and now, its debut makeup collection.

As Rabanne embarks on this new journey, it invites fashion and beauty enthusiasts worldwide to join them in celebrating this milestone and to experience the allure of its captivating new identity. Exciting times lie ahead as Rabanne sets the stage for a future defined by creativity, elegance, and audacious style.

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