Raf Simons invites you to a new platform ‘History of My World’

December 17, 2020

Raf Simons has launched a new online retail platform, The platform offers a curation of pieces selected by Mr. Simons which reflect the designer's point of view, aesthetic, and philosophy. The products will include many categories including home, literature, and clothing. Unique pieces and limited edition items will also be available.

Named History Of My World, a title first used for Raf Simons’ tenth anniversary collection in 2005, the website proposes a unique and direct echo of Raf Simons, a personal and intimate window into a thought process, onto a world.

On offer for the first time are 45 unique one-off blankets, designed and made by the Raf Simons Studio. Alongside these pieces will be sold candles, and a selection of the publications created by Raf Simons: Raf Simons Isolated Heroes (1999), Woe Onto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation The Wind Will Blow it Back... (2002) and Raf Simons Redux (2005). In a further expression of intimacy, each of these books can be signed and dedicated by Raf Simons himself.

Images courtesy of Raf Simons. Photographer credit: Ken Claes