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Raf Simons spring summer 2020

Raf Simons spring summer 2020

Raf Simons presents the Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris. Keeping with the silhouettes of signature Raf collections – boots, shorts, lab coats – the departure for this collection becomes the unmistakable punk overtones of slogans, patchwork, and idiosyncratic mismatching. Simons’ departure from Calvin Klein did not go without a silver lining. The remarkable Warhol artworks that Simons had silkscreened for the CK205W39NYC collections seem to have inspired silkscreened pieces in this collection, albeit of Simon’s own creation and in a darker more rebellious form.

Disfigured American flags and headlines that read “STONE(D) AMERICA” (a clever double entendre) are blacked out as if Robert Rauschenberg took the squeegee to them himself. This collection attempts to exhaust a message in order to make an approximate cultural criticism. Over the soundtrack the words, “Big lie…media America, corporate America…fascist America” are heard. With the painkiller epidemic overcoming the United States and the increased influence of extreme capitalism in America, it’s no surprise Simons’ visceral reaction is to address alienation and its discontents through its most powerful voice, the youth.

Explore the full collection below. Images courtesy of Raf Simons.

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