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Reimagining Urban Americana: 4SDesigns Unveils the Spring Summer 2024 Collection Rooted in Timeless Characters

Reimagining Urban Americana: 4SDesigns Unveils the Spring Summer 2024 Collection Rooted in Timeless Characters

4SDesigns, a New York-based fashion label, unveils its Spring Summer 2024 collection, drawing inspiration from iconic American characters and stories. With a focus on Americana and urban influences, the collection aims to redefine classic tropes of American fashion while infusing them with shine, elegance, and a modern twist.

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A Tapestry of American Archetypes

The collection pays homage to timeless films such as “Annie Hall,” “The Great Gatsby,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “New Jack City” that feature memorable characters and stunning wardrobes. These characters, archetypes of American culture, serve as a foundation for the collection’s exploration of the American Dream and the triumphs and defeats associated with it.

Urbanized Americana: A Unique Interpretation

Designer Angelo Urrutia’s upbringing in New York City heavily influenced his interpretation of Americana. Rooted in the urban environment and the birth of streetwear, his vision encompasses exaggerated portrayals of various American archetypes, including the worker, the prepster, the businessman, the cowboy, and the soldier. The collection embraces the idea of getting dressed to impress, with tailored and full silhouettes exuding shine and bravado.

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A Blend of Vintage and Modern

Urrutia combines classic tropes of American fashion with the shine and elegance of the late ’90s, infusing them with a contemporary twist. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Wesley Snipes in “New Jack City” and Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, the collection reimagines hunting jackets in silk, incorporates trompe l’oeil patchwork safari jackets, and reinvents Jay Gatsby’s shirts using cupro. The result is a unique fusion of vintage Americana and modern design.

About 4SDesigns: A Gesture in Fabric, Fit, and Functionality

Established in 2019 by Angelo Urrutia, 4SDesigns has quickly made its mark in the fashion industry. The label prioritizes comfort, performance, lightness, and ease, crafting garments, footwear, and dry goods that redefine menswear. While rooted in American sportswear, the brand’s creations are meticulously crafted in Italy by skilled artisans, ensuring uncompromising quality.

The Visionary Behind the Label

Angelo Urrutia, the creative force behind 4SDesigns, brings over 20 years of experience in the menswear industry. With a diverse background encompassing sales, production, development, and design, Urrutia has worked with renowned brands such as Barbour, Reebok, New Balance, and Adidas. His collaboration with artisans in North America has resulted in unique clothing, shoes, and design objects for the Japanese market.

As 4SDesigns unveils its Spring Summer 2024 collection, fashion enthusiasts can expect a fresh perspective on Americana, combining vintage charm with contemporary sensibilities. With its focus on comfort, practicality, and meticulous craftsmanship, the label continues to establish its presence in the world of menswear, offering a distinct and modern wardrobe for the discerning individual.

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