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Rensuke Tokyo changes streetwear with theromochromics

Rensuke Tokyo changes streetwear with theromochromics


Artisanal streetwear brand Rensuke Tokyo recently announced their first thermochromic heat-sensitive streetwear line that changes colors based on your body temperature. Over three years of development, the brand discovered a proprietary formula where clothing reacts specifically to a body heat temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (or 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

At 31 degrees Celsius (87.8 degrees Fahrenheit), the colors of garments go completely transparent. This results in one of a kind pieces that continuously shift in color gradients throughout the day, depending on your environment.

rensuke tokyo
Rensuke Tokyo

The brand’s retro-futuristic vision is transformed into prints done by hand by artisans in Kyoto, Japan. This rare technology was first discovered in Japan in 1989 and the color transformation formula has been redeveloped for the brand to acheive maximum color vibrancy and transformation. Three colors are currently available: pink, blue, orange, and pure white.

Have a look at the unique line below, images courtesy of Rensuke Tokyo.
Instagram: @rensuketoyko

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