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Rhude spring summer 2020

Rhude spring summer 2020

Designer Rhuigi Villaseñor presents the Rhude Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris. Founded in 2015, Rhude approaches design with a minimalist mindset – blending streetwear and urban aesthetics with luxurious fabrics and relaxed fits.

Taking the rugged appeal of the American West, Villaseñor named the collection “Seven Falls,” after a fictional town – a setting where his looks can become the protagonists within a fictional setting. The myth of the west isn’t lost on L.A.-based Villaseñor. A cross body clutch reminiscent of a Marlboro box of cigarettes alludes to the iconic Marlboro advertisements of the 60s that were all about the dream of a rugged lifestyle on the final frontier.

A beautifully tanned leather jacket and matching pants walk into a Sienna sunset while collegiate sweaters and hoodies offer a more accessible and wearable approach. Western motifs make their way onto shirting with western yokes, pearl buttons, and plaid. Denim is presented as a casual pant worn with a matching jacket or as a clean, formal, look when paired with a suede bomber. This is a collection that mirrors the diversity of style and utility in L.A. – a collection that can aptly be worn in Seven Falls from sun up to sun down.

Images courtesy of Rhude. Runway images by Anthony Cabaero.

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