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Rick Owens ‘Gethsemane’ women’s fall winter 2021

Rick Owens ‘Gethsemane’ women’s fall winter 2021

For the fall/winter 2021 collection, Rick Owens was reminded of Gethsemane, the biblical garden where Jesus is said to have prayed prior to his execution. That feeling of being on the precipice of inevitable doom parallels for many enduring the affliction of the pandemic.

The collection was one of epic proportions and experimentation which by now may sound trite to say about Rick Owens. How many new ways can we deconstruct/reconstruct a garment? Owens seems to have no trouble.

The voluminous puffy outerwear contrasts against their skin tight counterparts leaving us with a sense of his signature otherworldliness. Knitwear is shredded and used as a layering piece. The shoulder is played with a million and one ways channeling inspiration from couture to the regal. This is a collection full of risk-taking and imagination within the robust vernacular that is Rick Owens.

Explore it in full below. Images courtesy of OWENSCORP.

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