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Rihanna Reignites the Sneaker Scene with the Launch of Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty

Rihanna Reignites the Sneaker Scene with the Launch of Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty

When style icon Rihanna reimagines a classic, the world takes notice. The fashion and sneaker worlds are abuzz as Rihanna’s iconic Creeper returns, reborn as the Creeper Phatty. This new chapter in the FENTY x PUMA collaboration is a bold celebration of color and volume, taking street style to towering new heights.

Step Up in Style with the Creeper Phatty’s Stacked Sole and Vivid Colors.

Rihanna’s Creeper Phatty distills her vision of fearless style—extra confidence, extra panache, and an abundance of fashion fun. “We took our OG Creeper and made it bigger and badder,” said Rihanna. “When designing the Creeper Phatty we wanted to reinvent the OG Creeper that was loved by so many. It’s a classic silhouette that has been missed, so its return had to be bigger,” Rihanna shares, describing the creative process. True to its heritage, the Creeper Phatty boasts its signature suede, enhanced with a padded and debossed formstrip, debossed Fenty logo on the tongue, and laces finished with gold aglets.

From Cultural Icon to Modern Classic

The Creeper, which first hit the scene with its platform twist on PUMA’s classic Suede sneaker, was more than a shoe—it was a cultural phenomenon. Crowned as Shoe of the Year in 2016, it sparked a fashion movement. Maria Valdes, PUMA’s Chief Product Officer, reflects, “The original Creeper changed the game for us. We knew it was time to bring it back.”

Rihanna’s Creeper Phatty: A Bold Blend of Style and Attitude

Behind the Design: Rihanna’s Creative Vision

Rihanna’s second FENTY x PUMA campaign, lensed by the visionary Philippa Price, encapsulates the duality of the original Creeper’s understated cool and the Phatty’s audacious spirit. The result is a campaign that celebrates the oversized, the bright, the bold—much like the shoe itself.

PUMA’s Bold Step Forward

“This shoe has universal appeal and we’ve seen tremendous consumer excitement for the silhouette to return,” Valdes adds. With its universal appeal, the Creeper Phatty is a unisex offering that extends the silhouette’s legacy to fashion-forward families and individuals alike.

Where to Find the Creeper Phatty

The wait is over. The FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty made its worldwide debut on and at global retailers, including Foot Locker. Get ready to make a statement with each step.

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