RIIZE Debuts with Electric Single “Get A Guitar” in Landmark Collaboration

September 5, 2023

The K-Pop world is abuzz with excitement as the freshest rookie boy group, RIIZE, makes their much-anticipated debut with their single, “Get A Guitar,” in collaboration with SM Entertainment and RCA Records. This groundbreaking partnership heralds a new era for the group and the K-Pop industry as a whole.

A Historic Partnership

The announcement of RIIZE's partnership with RCA Records came during a press conference held on September 4th KST in Seoul. This collaboration demonstrates RIIZE's global influence even before their official debut—a remarkable achievement rarely seen in the world of K-Pop.

Joseph Chang, CEO of SM and Kakao Entertainment America/CBO of SM Entertainment, expressed his excitement, stating, "RIIZE is ushering in an exciting new era of K-Pop. We are thrilled to partner with the amazing team at RCA and look forward to making history together."

Peter Edge, Chairman and CEO of RCA Records, echoed this sentiment, saying, "RIIZE are incredibly talented and versatile artists, and we are excited to welcome them to the RCA Family and work together with the amazing SM team."

John Fleckenstein, COO of RCA Records, added, "RIIZE is set to break new boundaries in global pop with an entirely fresh perspective. We are proud to partner with the incredible team at SM Entertainment and their incredible track record of artist development."

The Debut Single and Beyond

RIIZE's debut single, "Get A Guitar," is now available, along with its B-side track, "Memories," which gave fans a tantalizing preview of the group's musical style when it was released last month.

Comprising SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON, RIIZE has already made a remarkable impact on the industry since their announcement just over a month ago. They set a record by amassing 1 million Instagram followers within just four days of launching their account. Their live debut at the renowned Arena for KCON LA last month marked another milestone in their burgeoning career.

Authenticity and Connection

RIIZE stands out for their authenticity and relatability. They connect deeply with their ever-growing fanbase by sharing their down-to-earth personalities and humble moments as they embark on this exciting journey.

RIIZE: Rising and Realizing Dreams

The name RIIZE perfectly encapsulates the group's aspirations. Combining "rise," symbolizing growth, with "realize," representing achievements, the name signifies a team that grows together while pursuing their dreams. The seven exceptional members bring a mix of talent and visual appeal to the stage, making their journey in the K-Pop industry a remarkable odyssey.

SM Entertainment's latest addition, RIIZE, follows in the footsteps of the future-forward girl group aespa and the boundary-pushing boy group NCT, both of which have achieved global success. With their distinctive style and immense potential, RIIZE is poised to make a significant mark in the world of K-Pop. Follow for more news from the band @riize_official