Rokh SS24: The Fashion Insider’s Choice for Masterful Blends of Classic and Contemporary

October 4, 2023

As the ROKH Spring/Summer 2024 collection unfolds, it becomes evident that designer Rok Hwang masterfully merges timeless classics with innovative designs, evoking deep nostalgia and forward-thinking precision.

Crafting the New from the Familiar

Rokh's SS24 collection serves as a revelation in fashion innovation. It's not about tweaks or updates to established designs; it's about a radical reimagination. Each garment undergoes a creative process, simultaneously paying homage to its classical roots while initiating an entirely fresh dialogue with modern-day aesthetics.

The attention to detail in this collection is palpable. Take, for instance, the precision cut-outs on blazers. In another instance, dresses have been reimagined to effortlessly bridge the gap between the modesty of daytime and the dramatic drape of evening gowns. Rokh's gaze catches even the minute details: the prominent use of rivets imparts a tactile dimension, and the playful "fleecification" in look 10 beautifully mirrors the melange textiles found in the knitwear range.

The Timelessness of Vintage

When it comes to blending eras, Rokh excels. Their foray into both menswear and womenswear juxtaposes vintage allure with a fresh perspective tailored for today's discerning fashion enthusiasts. The Birdseye deconstructed suits, once the domain of an older clientele, now find new life. Tailored for contemporary wear, these suits exude a youthful energy in both male and female silhouettes.

The layered trench coats aren't merely an addition; they metamorphose into completely new ensembles. Traditional military uniforms, too, receive a Rokh makeover, transitioning from strict regimentals to must-have streetstyle staples.

Embracing Authenticity

Diversity is the cornerstone of Rokh's choice of materials. From robust heavy drill cotton and knitted wools reminiscent of classic menswear to the ethereal beauty of chiffon and crochet applique lace. The bold juxtapositions continue with the audacious inclusion of rugged materials like leather and rubberized textures.

Design Evolution

With each detail, from every stitch to the final silhouette, the SS24 collection is a tribute to the art of fashion reinvention. Although deeply anchored in tradition, there's an unmistakable air of modernity. It's a celebration of designs that are both refreshing yet echo their historical lineage. Discover more at