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Vivienne Westwood spring summer 2020

Vivienne Westwood spring summer 2020

The godmother of punk, Vivienne Westwood premiered her Spring/Summer 2020 collection in a lookbook titled, ‘No Man’s Land.’ We’re not great at math (none of our editors got above a C+ in trig) so some of these formulas Vivienne put forward as inspiration gave us anxiety:

Vivienne calls for a fair distribution of wealth and that ‘No Man’s Land’ is just that: ‘what nature provides should not be privately owned: it belongs to no man.’ While we’re all for sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and reductions in inequality, we can’t forget this is a luxury fashion brand that is also subject to the capitalist – snake eating its tail – system.

The silver lining is you can feel a bit better knowing Westwood was one of the first voices for fashion sustainability, though there have been criticisms lobbed against the line. You can read more about how Vivienne Westwood approaches sustainable design on their website, here.

The protest themed lookbook featured many beautiful looks, mixing and mashing punk overtones and traditional cuts. Scribbly patterns, colorful knitwear, potpourri-esque prints, and renaissance paintings on shoes and accessories were a few of our favorite takeaways.

Vivienne Westwood has never only been about the clothes but also the message. With a sharp collection and a compelling message we can’t help but be inspired. Read more about her causes here:

Images courtesy of Vivienne Westwood.

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