RUI Spring/Summer 2024: Absent – An Exploration of Boundaries and Dualities

October 5, 2023

RUI's Spring 2024 collection, "Absent", dives deep into the essence of dualities. The world around us, ever expanding, contrasts with the nature of 'otherness', which finds its subtle way into unnoticed nooks and crannies. Together, they form a unique symbiotic relationship, where each feeds off the other, resulting in a balancing act of power dynamics, both growing apart yet intrinsically linked.

Visualizing Closeness and Aggression

RUI's designs intricately bring forth a juxtaposition of intimacy with the world and an innate human resistance to it. Sharp, horn-like adornments originating from within are meticulously wrapped around the body with thin binding tape. They cling and float, while thorn-like extensions define the human silhouette.

These elements produce an optical illusion, appearing aggressive at a distance, yet soft and welcoming upon closer inspection. Coupled with symmetrical prints reminiscent of transforming insect patterns and fabrics echoing snake skin's mimicry, they declare a distinction between species.

Metaphors of Nature and Humanity

The very "thorns" of the collection symbolize the natural world's resistance and humanity's persistent curiosity. As we delve deeper into nature, it, in turn, gazes back at us, challenging our perceptions and interventions.

An Artistic Reflection on Progression and Retreat

For Spring 2024, Rui employs contemporary techniques to deconstruct themes of advancement and withdrawal. Situated in a glass sunroom in Paris's core, drapes cascade from above, veiling ancient, sand-covered furniture. Those who venture inside breathe life into this static scene, rousing the dormant dust. A mysterious red-eyed entity roams amidst the crowd, curiously observing the static environment while the onlookers add layers of interpretation, creating a live, experiential theatre.

Philosophical Undertones of Duality

RUI's Spring 2024 collection encapsulates a philosophical embrace of duality and unity. It highlights the physical space's interactions and touches upon the spiritual void humans often find themselves in. Amidst the "meaninglessness", boundaries within the inner world emerge, painting either a vivid, chaotic wonderland or a realm of sheer desolation. The pulsating dance between the inner and outer worlds reveals the voices of both. Discover more at