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Saint Laurent, Men’s SS19

Saint Laurent, Men’s SS19

Anthony Vaccarello presented Saint Laurent SS19 against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline in New Jersey’s Liberty State Park. Countless celebrities could be spotted seated in the front rows including: Lauryn Hill, Kate Moss, Travis Scott, Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Dave Franco, Ezra Miller, and Saint Laurent campaign star, Vincent Gallo.

Anthony stated he wanted “the idea of New York, the idea of the icons of New York in the ’70s,” to be the inspiration behind the collection. The 70s references were aplenty – from the rounded belt buckles to the whips of silk shirts and scarves. Cowboy hats, boots, and bolo ties that contrasted against suede and leather jackets recalled the classic New York film, Midnight Cowboy. There was an effortless glam to the collection – whether it was a moment where a snakeskin jacket walked the runway or when a leopard print was tucked beneath a tailored blazer, the collection felt simultaenously at ease and luxurious. It was the old New York downtown-to-uptown feel as the show finished off with a series of shirtless male models, torsos covered in glitter. It’s hard not to imagine the glittered floors of Studio 54 – a bygone era – but it’s history not fading far in the background.

Explore the full collection below. Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.



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