Saint Laurent Summer 2024: Elegance Meets Star Power with Kate Moss, Hailey Bieber, Austin Butler, Demi Moore, and ROSÉ

October 4, 2023

SAINT LAURENT, Summer 2024 Show Space

In the heart of Paris, as night cloaks the city, the Eiffel Tower gracefully punctuates the skyline—a recurring muse for Saint Laurent. This season, Anthony Vaccarello unveils a collection under its glow, but with a novel twist. Eschewing the signature shimmer of the tower, the presentation flourishes against a modern, kaleidoscopic mineral backdrop, offering a visual metaphor for Vaccarello's vision.

Empowerment through Silhouette

Both Yves Saint Laurent and Vaccarello share a legacy of liberating women through fashion. They've transformed traditionally masculine silhouettes, giving them a feminine edge, challenging societal norms in the process. From YSL's trailblazing RIVE GAUCHE collection to Vaccarello's current oeuvre, there's an evident thread of assertiveness and empowerment.

Pragmatic Femininity Meets High Fashion

This season is anchored in pragmatism. Merging high fashion aesthetics with daytime practicality, the collection presents comfort and style intertwined. Celebrating pioneering women like Amelia Earhart and Adrienne Bolland, figures who dared to invade male-dominated fields, Vaccarello's designs are a homage to audacious femininity. Here, traditionally masculine pieces are woven into a fabric of undeniable female empowerment, with modern takes on safari jackets and jumpsuits standing out.

Echoes of Noir and Legacy

A nod to the noir elements that have peppered YSL's history, the collection is drenched in earthy hues—olive, maroon, sand, and chalk. The materials, mainly cotton and linen, underscore the brand's commitment to natural elegance. And, as always, Saint Laurent's finesse shines through, with leather gloves and high heels elevating the ensemble.

Revisiting the YSL Heritage

With Yves Saint Laurent's innovations like the Le Smoking suit and the Modrian Shift setting the stage, Vaccarello dives deep into the brand's rich reservoir. Emphasizing simplicity, this season's offerings reminisce about the brand's foundational principles, even as they project contemporary sensibilities. The geometric modernist setting, offset by the timeless beauty of the Eiffel Tower, reinforces this return to origins.

ROSÉ, Austin Butler, Hailey Bieber
Demi Moore and Honey Dijon

A Constellation of Stars Illuminate the Night

As the Parisian night descended, the Saint Laurent showcase wasn't just elevated by its collection but also by the luminous presence of renowned celebrities. Fashion icons and trendsetters like Kate Moss, Demi Moore, ROSÉ, Austin Butler, and Hailey Bieber graced the event, adding their own brand of glamour.

Drawing inspiration from trailblazers and honoring the brand's 70-year legacy, this collection is both a reflection and a vision—capturing the essence of Saint Laurent while looking forward to the fashion of tomorrow. Discover more behind the show at

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