SANKUANZ AW24: A Cultural Odyssey of Reverence and Innovation

January 26, 2024

In an illustrious display at Men's Paris Fashion Week, SANKUANZ revealed its Autumn Winter 2024 collection, "Chapter 5: Seven Diamond Lines of Kangrinboqê." This collection signifies a reflective journey to the brand's origins, drawing profound inspiration from the sacred Buddhist mountain, Kangrinboqê.

The mountain, not just a geographic marvel but a spiritual beacon, served as the muse for SANKUANZ's debut collection 11 years prior, marking this latest chapter as a homecoming of creative spirit.

Harmonious Duality

Encapsulating the essence of SANKUANZ, the collection is a masterful interplay of heritage and innovation. It embodies a nuanced meeting of classicism and modernity, luxury intertwines with streetwear, and Eastern imagery harmonizes with Western interpretations. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the brand's adept ability to balance contrasting elements in a cohesive narrative.

Artistic Collaboration and Immersive Experience

In a groundbreaking collaboration with ENCOR Studio, SANKUANZ transcends traditional runway norms. The collection is set against a backdrop of an ethereal light installation depicting Kangrinboqê, enhancing the emotional resonance of the pieces. The auditory landscape of the show, featuring 'Seven Diamond Lines' by Tadi Yan, interwoven with sacred Buddhist chants, transports attendees to a transcendent state, akin to the spiritual heights of Kangrinboqê itself.

Silhouettes of Cultural Tribute

The collection is a homage to diverse ethnic styles, ranging from Han to Tibetan, articulated through loose and generous silhouettes that honor traditional Chinese attire while injecting contemporary flair. Key highlights include traditional Tibetan robe draping on coats and jackets, reimagined cross-collars on twisted jackets and shirts, and innovative designs on dresses and jeans, all echoing the profound cultural reverence of the East.

Palette and Symbolism

Drawing inspiration from nature, the collection's palette features rich burgundy reds, earthy browns, and tranquil blues. The iconic dagger motif, deeply symbolic in Buddhist rituals, is intricately woven into the collection, emphasizing its spiritual connection to Kangrinboqê.

Collaborative Artistry and Capsule Innovation

The collection also includes a collaboration with South Korean artist Miki Kim, whose 'Human Orchid Mantis' series imbues the collection with a dynamic visual impact. Additionally, the runway debuts a capsule collection inspired by the Bumpy sneaker, capturing the rebellious spirit of youth through innovative designs and graffiti prints.

For a deeper exploration into the SANKUANZ Autumn Winter 2024 collection, visit SANKUANZ.