SANKUANZ’s Mythology-Inspired Spring Summer 2024 Collection

June 29, 2023

The Giantess, an embodiment of destruction and creation, chaos and order, death and rebirth in mythology, becomes the muse for the SANKUANZ Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This captivating collection embraces the multi-dimensionality and complexity of the Giantess, blurring gender boundaries and seamlessly merging street style with high fashion, resulting in a narrative of pluralism and depth.

SANKUANZ SS24, Look 23

Embodying Destruction and Creation, Chaos and Order

Continuing their homage to female strength from the previous season's la veuve noire, "CHAPTER 4 GIANTESS" introduces an exciting collaboration with artist Amanda Ba. Her contemporary illustrations of the Giantess and the Pitbull come to life through various textile techniques, including mesmerizing prints on mesh and laser-printed denim. The intentional abrasion and stain effects add an incorrigible rebelliousness and a rejection of conformity, enhancing the vintage-store-bought aesthetic.

Contrasting the fierce energy of the Giantess, SANKUANZ maintains its signature humor and penchant for pop art, incorporating playful elements in adorable cartoon graphics that adorn traditionally masculine garments. Vibrantly colored plushie keychains create a delightful clash with Amanda's bold illustrations and the brand's trademark dagger details, celebrating the diversity of youth culture. The season's palette expands beyond the classic black and white, introducing SANKUANZ's green and purple in soft hues of lime and lavender, harmonizing with Amanda's passionate red paintings.

SANKUANZ SS24, Look 20

Embracing Pluralism and Depth in Fashion Expression

Innovative materials and designs redefine bags in this collection. The Classic Dagger Bag makes a return in satin, offering a refined alternative to the predominantly rugged materials. The Loop Dagger Bag debuts in silver, showcasing a distinctive wrinkled and creased leather finish. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese weapon known as the "meteor hammer" featured in the Autumn/Winter 2021 show, the collection introduces "cherry bomb" purses —mini rigid spherical spiked purses hanging on leather straps. These "cherry bombs" also make appearances as graphics on garments and the upcycled Dagger Cowboy Boots, adding a touch of rebellious charm.

Jewelry and accessories embody the themes of defense and confrontation. Special masks envelop the face with metal mesh adorned with miniature daggers or spikes dripping with red jewels, seamlessly blending guardedness and belligerence. The dagger motif persists throughout the collection, embellishing lapels, collars, drawstrings, and footwear, serving as a constant reminder of SANKUANZ's combative edge. The Bumpy Sneakers return, infusing the sleek and sharp selection of footwear with the brand's distinctive sporty spirit.

SANKUANZ SS24, Look 13

Embracing Mythology and Youth Culture

The collection's presentation takes place in a classic-style building in Paris, where a projection of Amanda's Titanomachia, 2022 transforms the room into a crimson space, accentuating the imposing presence of her Giantesses. The rebellious tunes produced by 高龙宇 Alice Longyu Gao create an atmosphere where classicism and pop intersect, mingle, and collide.

With the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, SANKUANZ once again merges art, fashion, and music to curate a visceral installation that brings the core values of the brand to life in the heart of Paris. Embrace the power of mythology and the vibrant energy of youth culture with SANKUANZ's Giantess-inspired collection, an artistic exploration of duality and self-expression. Stay tuned for the brand's latest offering, where fashion becomes a canvas for storytelling, and boundaries are pushed to create an immersive and dynamic experience. For more information and updates, visit