Schiaparelli fall winter 2022

March 10, 2022

Daniel Roseberry presents the Schiaparelli fall winter 2022 collection in the form of a graphic look book. "If couture is creativity expressed as art, then this ready-to-wear collection is that art applied; applied to real life, applied to the needs and desires of our client, and applied towards the thrilling evolution of Maison Schiaparelli as a modern luxury brand."

Communicated as ready-to-wear this season's focus is defining the basic lexicon of the Schiaparelli wardrobe. Only black, white, and gold appears the season. For fashion, Schiaparelli is a return to the glamorous history of fashion and accessories. Dali-era 3-D bones motifs return as an simple bateau pencil dress. Cotton yarn is applied as embroidery to denim.

This collection shows us how luxury can once again have playful and eccentric designs with purpose. The return of craft and ornate details once again inspires us to channel self expression. And ultimately asks the question, "isn't self expression the ultimate luxury?"

Explore the full collection below, images courtesy of Schiaparelli.

I want to give women clothes to run the world in, yes—but, equally, clothes to fall in love in. Can’t we have both? Can’t we want both? Can’t we be both? On Planet Schiaparelli, at least, we can: Nothing here is impossible.

Daniel Roseberry, Creative Director