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Sean Koons Rocks Dior’s Summer 2024 Collection at GQ Event

Sean Koons Rocks Dior’s Summer 2024 Collection at GQ Event

Sean Koons stepped onto the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year event, making a fashion-forward statement in pieces from the Dior Summer 2024 Men’s Collection.

Sean Koons debuts a bold look with a Dior grey tweed jacket and leopard print pants paired with tweed loafers at the GQ Men of the Year event. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for GQ)

Tweed With a Twist

Koons wore a grey tweed notch lapel jacket that brought a classic texture to a modern silhouette. The choice of fabric was a nod to timeless fashion, while the cut kept the look fresh and contemporary.

Understated and Bold

Beneath the tweed, Koons chose a simple white Christian Dior cotton t-shirt, allowing the jacket to take center stage. This was contrasted with the bold choice of black wool leopard print pants that added an edgy vibe to his ensemble.

Coordinated Footwear

Completing the outfit, the grey tweed buffalo loafers matched the jacket, tying the whole look together with Dior’s signature blend of luxury and playfulness.

Sean Koons’ ensemble for the evening married the classic with the unconventional, showcasing his personal style and the versatility of Dior’s Summer 2024 Men’s Collection.

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