SEAN SUEN spring summer 2022

June 24, 2021

SEAN SUEN presents "Ephemeral" for Spring/Summer 2022. The poetic collection, deconstructs the silhouette through loose fits and layering. Inspired by fleeting moments of sensation, the collection tries to capture these wonderful fleeting sparks before they come to pass. Utilizing fabrications such as silk, wool, and knits, SEAN SUEN takes on a renewed approach to comfort while interpreting these romantic moments.

"We have been lucky enough to live in the same lasting day, but unfortunately I am at dusk, while you are at dawn. Between us, there is an eternal distance that the night cannot cross. However, there will always be a moment, as if that night, as if I were in your dream, and you in mine."

See a selection of looks and the runway film, below.