SEAN SUEN spring summer 2023

June 23, 2022

sean suen ss23

SEAN SUEN spring summer 2023 presents the SS23 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week, men's. Titled, 'Apologies, still hungover, back tomorrow...' the collection brings together silohuettes inspired by the in between states of discomfort and hangovers. "To the hangovers: no need to stay sharp all the time, no need to make sense of everything."

Minimalist and poetic elements compliment each other to form a sophisticated series of looks. Draping, simple knots, and sophisticated layering makes this season stand apart. Done with a certain ease and veering toward simple gestures rather than elaborate overture, this is incidentally one of the stronger showings from SEAN SUEN.

The intention is to eliminate the sense of restraint of the garment on the body, using superior handmade knitting and lace, light silk and satins, cotton and linen, and expect the garment to wrap around the wearer's body in the most gentle way.

Explore the full runway looks below, courtesy of SEAN SUEN.

Runway looks