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SEAN SUEN Spring/Summer 2024 Explores the Essence of Life and Self-Consciousness

SEAN SUEN Spring/Summer 2024 Explores the Essence of Life and Self-Consciousness

Taking inspiration from dreams, SEAN SUEN‘s 2024 Spring/Summer collection delves into the multidimensional space of oriental culture. It seeks to explore the essence and destination of the human life entity and self-consciousness within the cycles of life. By observing all things in the universe, the collection draws upon the Eastern concept of distinguishing yin and yang—the opposing forces of black and white that are interdependent and ever-changing.

SEAN SUEN SS24, Look 5
SEAN SUEN SS24, Look 5

The Illusionary Realms and the Dream-Like Reality

A person’s dream often begins with the projection of the mind, a yearning for knowledge and clarity, and the perception of countless joys and sorrows. It is a journey that takes us through the realms of reincarnation, where impermanence and uncertainty prevail, and where demons and ghosts wander. However, amidst this chaotic existence, the equinox flower, symbolizing renewal, guides us towards the other shore. But where does this journey ultimately lead us?

In ancient times, it was believed that there existed Six Realms—an illusionary realm or perhaps a parallel universe. This notion challenges our understanding of reality, suggesting that the world as we perceive it is akin to a dream-like existence, an ongoing cycle of reincarnation. It becomes evident that we not only live in reality but also exist within the realms of reincarnation. Our consciousness knows no boundaries, and all phenomena are products of our perception and thoughts.

SEAN SUEN SS24, Look 3
SEAN SUEN SS24, Look 3

SEAN SUEN SS24 Collection: Exploring Multidimensional Space

In this collection, SEAN SUEN employs a visual space created by contrasting colors—black and white—accentuated with gray and khaki as intermediary shades. These colors serve as a metaphor for the human experience, where beginnings and endings manifest as constant struggles between good and evil. Joy and pain, delight and aversion, greed and satisfaction, creation and destruction—these opposing forces perpetually clash in a chaotic dance. The collection incorporates Eastern theatrical cutting techniques and clothing accessories, showcasing the brand’s commitment to embracing cultural elements. Moreover, the use of natural cotton and linen fabrics symbolizes the connection to the natural world.

SEAN SUEN SS24, Look 21

Hiaganbana Totem: Contemplating the Cycles of Existence

At the heart of the collection lies the blossoming Hiaganbana totem, a contemplative symbol of the cycles of human existence and all things in nature. Life is impermanent, constantly shifting, and all things converge towards unity. Like waking from a dream, the collection prompts us to consider the concept of rebirth that awaits on the other shore.

A Call to Embrace Life’s Impermanence

SEAN SUEN’s SS24 collection is a reminder life is a journey, filled with impermanence and ever-changing circumstances. It encourages us to embrace the multidimensionality of our existence, to explore the depths of our consciousness, and to seek a deeper understanding of our place within the cycles of life. Through a thoughtful blend of Eastern inspiration and contemporary design, SEAN SUEN invites us to embark on a contemplative exploration of the self, the universe, and the interconnectedness of all things.

SEAN SUEN Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

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