Asymmetry Meets Tradition: Sean Suen FW24 Runway Look

A male model is seen wearing an innovative brown suit from Sean Suen's Fall/Winter 2024 collection. The suit features an oversized, deconstructed jacket with a notably asymmetrical design, creating a bold and avant-garde silhouette. He is wearing a white shirt and a red dotted tie which adds a classic touch to the otherwise unconventional attire. The model's serious expression and the minimalistic, dark runway setting put the focus on the unique structure and style of the garment.

This image is a striking display from Sean Suen’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway show, capturing a model dressed in a unique, oversized brown suit that challenges traditional tailoring norms. The jacket’s exaggerated proportions and asymmetrical cut are a testament to the designer’s innovative approach to menswear. The structured, geometric nature of the suit juxtaposed with the classic white shirt and red tie creates a dynamic interplay between modernity and tradition. The model’s piercing gaze and the subtle earring visible on one side add to the high-fashion, edgy aesthetic of the ensemble.

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