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self-portrait Unveils Lunar New Year Campaign Celebrating Togetherness with Stars Carina Lau and Ling Tan

self-portrait Unveils Lunar New Year Campaign Celebrating Togetherness with Stars Carina Lau and Ling Tan

self-portrait, the London-based modern fashion house, has unveiled an evocative Lunar New Year campaign that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary elegance. Directed by the brand’s Malaysian founder, Han Chong, the campaign stars acting and fashion luminaries Carina Lau and Ling Tan.

A Tribute to Family and Friendship

Photographed by Leslie Zhang in the vibrant city of Shanghai, the campaign captures intimate moments of family, friendship, and the festive spirit of new beginnings. The visuals offer a series of heartwarming scenes symbolizing shared rituals and the collective joy of welcoming the Lunar New Year.

Stellar Cast in a Celebration of Culture

The distinguished cast, including models He Zhi, Ji Shuyan, and Ding Yi, are not just the faces of the campaign but the embodiment of its essence — the celebration of cultural heritage and the unifying warmth of the Lunar New Year’s traditions.

Han Chong’s Personal Reflection

“Being able to celebrate my culture through my work is something which fills me with great pride,” expressed Han Chong. “this year is a very personal one for me. Having Carina Lau and Ling Tan, acting and fashion icons I have long respected, is a dream come true, and to have them alongside a cast and crew of  powerful women, for a campaign which honors the tradition of togetherness and family, feels incredibly special and symbolic to  what we set out to achieve with our brand.”

The Lunar New Year Collection: A Confluence of Old and New

The campaign coincides with the launch of self-portrait’s Lunar New Year collection, which features modern interpretations of the cheongsam, along with vibrant dresses and separates for women and kids. The collection showcases a rich palette of reds, greens, and golds in luxurious lace, crepe, and knitted fabrics. The brand’s signature Bow Bag is also reintroduced, dazzling in silver and gold.

Global Reach and Ethical Commitment

Available for purchase online and at self-portrait stores worldwide, the collection represents the brand’s global ethos and its commitment to sustainability. self-portrait continues to push the envelope, utilizing responsibly sourced fibers and recycled materials, staying true to its pledge for an eco-conscious fashion future.

Nurturing Future Talent Beyond fashion, Han Chong’s dedication to nurturing new talent shines through in self-portrait’s scholarship program with Central Saint Martins, proving that the brand’s legacy is as much about people as it is about clothing. Celebrate with self-portrait self-portrait invites everyone to embrace the Lunar New Year with open hearts and stylish ensembles, bridging the past and present with attire that’s as meaningful as it is beautiful. The campaign is not just an advertisement but a canvas where powerful narratives of culture, style, and human connection are painted.

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