Fashion editorial

Shape shift

October 31, 2021

Photography by Tetsuya Maehara with Y's C inc
Styling by Masanori Takahashi
Hair by Yuta Kitamura with VOW-VOW


Jacket and pants by DAIRIKU, t-shirts by DOUBLET, glasses by AYAME, shoes by FOOT THE COACHER
Coat and shirts by SHOOP, vest by BETA POST, pants by FACETASM, shoes by EYTYS, sunglass by DOUBLET, gloves by DENTS
Coat and tights by MAGLIANO, shoes by ROMBAUT
Knit by KUDOS, pants by DAIRIKU, shoes by FOOT THE COACHER
Jacket by A.A. SPECTRUM, pants by DAIRIKU, shoes by EYTYS
Jacket and pants by FACETASM, shoes, stylist’s own
Vest, jacket, and, necklace by MAGLIANO, pants by SHOOP, shoes by EYTYS
Jacket by PRADA, knit by DOUBLET, hat stylist’s own
Jacket by SHOOP