SHINee’s KEY Lights Up the Music Scene With Retro EP “Good & Great”

September 11, 2023

KEY unveils his anticipated second EP, "Good & Great," today under the banner of SM Entertainment. This six-track project is a confident showcase of iridescent disco and synth-pop tracks that not only highlight KEY's vocal prowess but also underscore his remarkable versatility as a solo artist.

Title Track: "Good & Great"

The titular track, "Good & Great," is as an instant mood-lifter with an infectious pop dance vibe, wrapped around rhythmic piano melodies and a rubbery bassline. The feel-good lyrics, penned by KENZIE, radiate KEY's self-assuredness in both himself and his craft as he declares, "I'm good, I'm great! I work, get paid, thank God all day, I love it, I'm epic." Check out the accompanying music video here.


Continuing the Retro Journey

"Good & Great – The 2nd Mini Album" follows KEY's trilogy of "retro" inspired releases, starting with his 2021 debut EP "BAD LOVE," followed by the second album "Gasoline" and its repackaged version, "Killer," released last year. Despite the conceptual departure, traces of retro influence still linger on this new mini-album.

Emotional Retro Vibes

This influence shines brightly on the emotionally-charged retro-pop track "Can't Say Goodbye," a song that delves into the pain of being unable to part with a loved one. It seamlessly transitions into "Intoxicating," a pulsating pop dance track that delves into the depths of all-consuming physical attraction.

KEY - Good & Great, Album Art

A Year of Achievements for KEY

2023 has been a remarkable year for the pioneering K-pop group SHINee. They celebrated their 15th anniversary with the release of the album "HARD" in June, accompanied by a special three-night concert in Seoul and a headline performance at the KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert in Madrid.

Track listing for "Good & Great – The 2nd Mini Album"

    • Good & Great
    • Can't Say Goodbye
    • Intoxicating
    • Live Without You
    • CoolAs
    • Mirror, Mirror