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Shu Qi Stars in Bottega Veneta’s ‘The First Sunrise with You’ for Lunar New Year 2024

Shu Qi Stars in Bottega Veneta’s ‘The First Sunrise with You’ for Lunar New Year 2024

The advent of 2024’s Lunar New Year shines a spotlight on Bottega Veneta’s luxury fashion campaign “The First Sunrise with You,” where cinematic elegance meets heritage reverence. Acclaimed director Jess Jing Zou and celebrated photographer Ken Ngan craft a visual symphony featuring fashion icon Shu Qi, whose presence brings the promise of new beginnings into sharp relief against the backdrop of a stirring Shanghai dawn.

Weaving Unity in Luxurious Threads

Greeting the Lunar New Year, silhouetted against the dawn of Shanghai’s skyline, Ken Ngan captures Bottega Veneta’s vision of elegance and renewal.

The campaign, envisioned by Matthieu Blazy, showcases a curated collection of Chinese New Year fashion moments, transcending traditional fashion to narrate togetherness. The film commences with Shu Qi’s contemplative silhouette against the burgeoning light, transitioning into a montage of connections—each frame a celebration of the Lunar New Year’s spirit.

The Pulse of Togetherness

Bottega Veneta’s narrative unfolds against a dynamic canvas, from the serene embrace of waterfronts to the vibrant camaraderie on sandy beaches. The campaign captures the spirit of life’s pathways, highlighting the beauty in shared moments.

Friends unite on a serene beach, celebrating the Lunar New Year’s first sunrise, a moment of joy captured in Bottega Veneta.

Dragons and Design: A Sartorial Symphony

The designer Lunar New Year collection, inspired by the Year of the Dragon, showcases Bottega Veneta’s prowess in marrying tradition with innovation. Key pieces like the Andiamo and Orbit sneakers, along with the dragon-tail adorned Jodie bag, stand testament to a legacy reimagined through the lens of modern design.

The iconic Jodie bag reimagined—Bottega Veneta’s craftsmanship merges with the auspicious dragon, symbolizing power and prosperity in the Lunar New Year.

Narratives of New Horizons

The campaign’s journey through diverse landscapes underscores the essence of the season—renewal, hope, and the invaluable gift of connection, mirroring the Lunar New Year’s transformative spirit.

A contemplative moment stands against a vast landscape, adorned in Bottega Veneta’s latest, pondering the infinite possibilities the Lunar Year promises.

Experience Bottega Veneta’s Lunar New Year Splendor

Matthieu Blazy invites you to immerse in the fusion of fine craftsmanship and the Lunar New Year’s festive essence. This beckoning serves as a gateway to experiencing the brand’s latest collection, a marriage of artisanship and cultural celebration.

Experience ‘The First Sunrise with You’ in Motion. This exclusive Bottega Veneta campaign video, directed by Jess Jing Zou, brings to life the elegance and spirit of the Lunar New Year collection. Witness Shu Qi embody the essence of renewal and togetherness against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Shanghai skyline.

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